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The Red Sea

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Galaxea Adventures

Dive into pristine waters and explore the secrets of the deep. Coral reefs teeming with wildlife. Mysterious wrecks with tales untold. And, incredible marine creatures, thriving in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Brought to you by Galaxea, our extraordinary underwater experiences include:

Scuba Divining Excursion

Entry Level Scuba Diving Courses

Continue Education Dive Courses

Special­ Courses

Akun Adventures

Embrace the spirit of adventure. Take to the skies and breathe in the crisp, clean air. Or remain on land and discover the dramatic beauty of granite hills, volcanic lava fields, and vast, sweeping plains. Brought to you by Akun, our diverse land and sky experiences include:

Southern Dunes Hike

Alsukhour Hike

Jabal Raal Hike

Southern Dunes Biking

Alsukhour Biking

Alsukhour Stargazing

Southern Dunes Stargazing - Alhabees Dune

Southern Dunes Nature Walk

Wama Adventures

At The Red Sea, guests can explore and learn about the diverse ecosystems and how they are impacted by light, sound, and weather patterns. The Red Sea will offer divers the chance to discover one of the world’s largest and least explored coral reefs. Activities above the water will be provided by RSG’s subsidiary brand, WAMA and include:

The Mangrove SUP / Clear Kayak Safari "Mangrove Marvels: SUP & Clear Kayak Adventure"

Snorkel & Cruise "Aqua Venture: Snorkel & Cruise with Kayaking / Paddle-boarding"

SUP Yoga "Golden Horizons: SUP Yoga & Meditation"

Stand Up Paddle-boarding "Aqua Voyager: Stand-Up Paddleboarding Adventure

Kayak "Red Sea Rhythms: Kayaking Escapade"

WingSup "Sereni­ Glide: Tranquil WingSuping Adventure"

Windsurf "Wind-Rush: The Ultimate Windsurf Adventure"

Sailing (Monohull) "Veloci­ Vortex: Dinghy Sailing Thrills”

Sailing (Catamaran) "Red Horizons: Sailing the Red Sea's Enchanting Waters"

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