A Journey Through MARAYA Awaits!!


‘Maraya’, or mirror in Arabic, is a purpose-built event venue in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. A gem of Saudi’s new north-west, Maraya is a cornerstone of Saudi’s ambitious development plans and now represents a world-class event venue.

Covered entirely in mirrors the building is a stunning visual, reflecting the impressive natural landscape of AlUla – seemingly built with sand and stars, there are few comparisons globally that can match up to the awe-inspiring first impressions of Maraya. 

At one with its environment, the venue aims to become a place of culture, commerce and celebration, hosting, in its unique location, music events, global conferences and innovative exhibitions.

The 26-metre high theatre seats 550 people who face a giant retractable window of 800 square metres that can open to nature, seamlessly blending environment and entertainment.


Dine with the Stars during the Winter at Tantora events scheduled towards the end of the year. Maraya has three main dining areas which can cater to a silver service plated dinner to a buffet for 500. This includes an open-air roof terrace which allows guests to sit under a blanket of stars or view AlUla’s breath-taking landscape from a height.