Experience the crossroads of ancient trade routes

The name al Jowf, which means “cavity ” in Arabic, refers to the geomorphology of the area, which is characterized by wide wâdîs (valleys or beds of seasonal streams) and huge plains that give the region its varied appearance, with altitudes varying from 500m to 980m.

Al Jowf Province forms a vital position of the North Arabian and Syrian Desert. Enclosed by sandstone hills, its oasis have played an important role in the contacts between the Arabs in the Peninsula and the people of the Fertile Crescent. Dumat Al Jandal (or shortly called Duma) has been a most prominent oasis of Al Jowf in history.

Sight Seeing Experiences:

  • Marid Castle

  • Zaabal

  • Rajajil Coloumns

  • Handicraft Souks


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Bride of the Red Sea


Also known as 'the Bride of the Red Sea', Jeddah was welcoming visitors long before the Caliph Uthman Ibn Affan made the town the official seaport for the holy city of Makkah in 647CE.

As the commercial heart of the Kingdom, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Jeddah’s inimitable blend of old and new makes it among the Kingdom’s most magical places to explore – and the best way to see the sights is on foot. Here's how to spend a day exploring the narrow streets and ancient heart of Saudi Arabia's most enchanting historic town.

Sight Seeing Experiences:

  • Balad Historical Old Town

  • Naseef House

  • Abdul Raouf Museum

  • Altayebat City

  • Jeddah Corniche

  • Floating Mosque

  • King Fahad’s Fountain

  • Red Sea Tour

  • Watching Corals & Reef

  • Luxury Yacht Experience

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A Home of Arabian Highlands

Asir Province has been named after the eponymous tribe, is one of the Saudi Arabian provinces crossed by the Sarawat mountains - the majestic massif spreading throughout the whole country along the Red Sea shore from the border with Jordan down to Yemen. Aseer Province not only hosts the most southern part but also the highest point, named Jebel Sawdah, reaching nearly 3000 meters above sea level.


Sight Seeing Experiences:

  • Hanging Village

  • Muftaha Art Center

  • Green Mountain

  • Habala Natural Site

  • Suda Mountain

  • Private Museum in Suda


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The Edge of the World is a rock-framed “window” with a breath-taking view of the valley below. It lies approximately 180km north-east of Riyadh, located directly above the Acacia Valley.  Spend the day exploring one of Saudi Arabia's most breathtaking natural destinations.



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3 hour tour:

Visit 2-3 different cliffs (each stop approximately 20 minutes). Enjoy a welcoming, aromatic Saudi coffee, dates, water and juice under the acacia trees. The last stop is the King Abdulaziz Tree where the King used to rest during visits to Uyainah village.

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Experience The Green Land of Saudi Arabia

Al-Baha will surprise you not only with its majestic mountains rising above 2000 meters, which are covered by greenery, but also with its cool and humid climate in summer .

An adventure trip in Al-Baha Province is all about enjoying the enchanting views, discovering the South-Arabian traditional arts, and discovering its heritage buildings.

Al-Baha Province doesn't propose just one, but several distinct kinds of landscape. The most famous is the Sarawat mountains ending on their western side by impressively steep cliffs on the edge of which are located the two main cities of the Province, Al-Baha and Baljureshi.


Sight Seeing Experiences:

  • Zee Ain Heritage Village

  • Al Baha Museum

  • Raghadan Forest Park

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Experience the Kingdom's history with a visit to Al Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage site that sits on the banks of the Hanifa valley and is located 35km outside of Riyadh.  Al Diriyah was the original home of the Saudi Royal family and served as the capital of the first Saudi dynasty from 1744 to 1818.  It features buildings made of mud and is surrounded by an old 14km wall made of stone and mud.





Gathering time for drive to Al Diriyah by coach


Visit the national flag, Al Diriyah historic wall and visitor centre.

 Walk through the Al Bajaree District and visit Al Award Mosque and water well (over 200 years old).  Drive through Wadi Hanifa before returning to Riyadh.