Breathe in the Beauty

of Saudi Arabia

This Summer let GoZahid guide you to the perfect domestic vacation.  With packages created with the entire family in mind, contact us and find out more about our great deals to Jeddah, Taif, Abha, Al Bahah, Al Jouf, Tabuk, Yanbu and Umluj.

Discover the beauty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this summer and let us be your guide.


Things to do

in Jeddah

  • New Corniche

  • Floating Mosque

  • Balad Experience

  • Nassif House

  • Alawi Traditional Market

Things to do

in Taif

  • Panoramic View of Al Hada Mountains

  • Rose Farm / Factory

  • Traditional Souks of Taif

  • Cable Car Experience at Al Hada

Things to do

in Abha

  • Tuesday Souk

  • Visit Al Sahab - Highest point in Asir

  • Experience At Soudah Mountains

  • History of Rijal Alma Village

  • Al Muftaha Museum

  • Jabal Akhdar (The Green Mountain)

Things to do

in Al Bahah

  • Experience Al Bahah City

  • Experience Zee Al Ayn Historical Village

Things to do

in Al Jouf

  • The Oasis of Dumat Al Janda

  • Qasr Zaba'al at Sakaka

  • Stonehenge Arabia - Rajajil

Things to do

in Tabuk

  • Al Shaq - Great Canyon

  • Jibal Hisma

  • Hidden Treasure of Tabuk's Mahajah

  • Wadi Qaraqir - Dissah

  • Ras Al Mashee - Safinat Hall

Things to do

in Yanbu

  • Radwa Museum

  • Al Fairouz Park

  • Yanbu Lake Park

  • Souk Al-Layl

Things to do

in Umluj

  • The beautiful beaches

  • Water activities


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